“I have never walked away from a fight or failed to put Connecticut citizens first. No matter how big or powerful the special interest or lawbreaker, protecting Connecticut and its citizens remains my top priority and purpose.”
 — Dick Blumenthal

Richard’s No. 1 priority? Standing up for people and making a difference.

As Attorney General of Connecticut he took on the toughest fights:

  • Took on Big Tobacco as a leader on a 46-state lawsuit against the industry, holding it accountable for deceiving the public on the health dangers of smoking.
  • Sued the Bush administration for gutting the Clean Air Act and allowing dangerous air pollution.
  • Led a coalition of all 50 states and major social networks to protect children from Internet predators.

And Washington hasn’t changed him one bit.

He’s fighting for our health:

  • By co-sponsoring the Women’s Health Protection Act and introducing a College Sexual Assault Bill of Rights.

He’s fighting for our workers:

  • By working to raise the minimum wage, end the epidemic of student loan debt and bring pay equality to every workplace.

He’s fighting for our families:

  • By speaking out against the DARK Act so we know before we feed GMOs to our kids, and by voting for paid sick and family leave for ALL Americans.

He’s fighting for our veterans:

  • By introducing the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, which President Obama signed into law in February 2015!