It’s appalling that in America today, women still face attacks on their right to control their own bodies.

Right now, the Supreme Court is set to make a major decision that could have devastating effects on women’s legally protected access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care. This decision could derail everything we’ve fought to protect in this century-long battle.

Senator Patty Murray and I led more than 150 of our colleagues in an amicus brief that will go directly to the Court to urge Justices to reject the law that’s dragging women’s rights back into the past. Add your name with ours:

Click here to sign a citizens amicus brief and demand that the Supreme Court uphold the decisions made in Roe v. Wade!

A woman’s ability to make her own health care decisions – and have access to that care, including a safe abortion – is a fundamental right.

But somehow, women and their freedom to make choices about their own bodies and health are still under attack. This one case could drastically obstruct abortion access for women all across America.

I always have, and always will, fight to have American women accorded the respect and autonomy they are guaranteed as both a fundamental and legal right. And right now, I need you with me to ensure the Supreme Court doesn’t rule to restrict choice for women in our country.

Join me, my colleagues in Congress, and other women’s advocates to urge that the Supreme Court protect a woman’s right to choose and keep our country moving forward, not back:

Add your name to tell the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade and defend women’s rights!

Thank you,